Sunrise Roaming Cockpit

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In Sunrise Roaming Cockpit, you can purchase Sunrise travel options, view and adjust your data roaming settings and see the data roaming costs you have incurred.

Purchasing Options

  1. On your mobile phone, click on and open the Roaming Cockpit.
  2. Select the desired option.
  3. Activate the option and enjoy your stay.

Your advantages you have with the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit

  • The Roaming Cockpit is free of charge throughout the world.
  • It provides you with an overview of the roaming costs you have incurred and the data volume you have used.
  • You have complete cost control because you can go into Settings to block data roaming as soon as the data volume of the purchased options is used up.
  • You can purchase travel options conveniently before you leave Switzerland or during your trip.