Quick query

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You can do queries by entering the following key sequences:

Description Service Code
Activating your Sunrise multicard
Service Code*100#
Display indicating if the mobile phone number is in the Sunrise mobile network
Service Code*109*phone number#
Display of your own phone number
Service Code *122#
Loading Sunrise live and MMS settings on your mobile phone
Service Code *125#
Querying ongoing costs and remaining included services
Service Code *133#
Checking payment status of already received bills:
Service Code*134#

Rate transparency when abroad

SMS message with roaming rates for travel abroad – sign up/cancel

Service Code*135#
Turning on your Sunrise mailbox
Service Code*145#
Turning off your Sunrise mailbox
Service Code #145#
Turning on alerts
Service Code*148#

Turning off alerts


The alert sounds when you dial a mobile phone number that belongs to a different mobile phone provider. 

Service Code #148#

In addition, the following queries are available for prepaid customers:

Description Service Code
Making calls in countries that do not have Sunrise prepaid direct roaming
Service Code *111*Phone number#
Checking your balance
Service Code*121#
Adding credit to your balance via the refill card
Service Code*131*Code#
Checking remaining included services (used up and expired promotions/options are not displayed)
Service Code*136# 
Topping up balance via credit card (your own number)
Service Code*137*amount#

Topping up balance via credit card (different number)

Note: The credit card you use must be preregistered in My Sunrise.

Service Code*137*amount*target number#
Changing the language used for Sunrise Prepaid
Service Code *141#