Machine to Machine (M2M)
Exchange of information between devices

Services for the central administration, monitoring and optimization of your M2M solution

The communication between machines or devices - without direct human influence - enables companies to simplify processes efficiently. The number of devices communicating with each other is constantly increasing and efficient M2M management is more important than ever for the future of companies. Would you like a smoothly functioning machine-to-machine network that offers you a comprehensive overview of all M2M activities in your company?

With the tailor-made M2M management and the M2M services from Sunrise, you get a smart complete solution that bundles all M2M connections in national and international networks on a single platform. On the one hand, you get tariff models tailored to your needs for the communication of the devices, and on the other hand you always see in real time all connection information of your devices that support you in optimizing business processes or increasing your efficiency. Simply install SIM and the world of modern M2M management opens up for you.

Numerous functions are integrated in the M2M management platform, with the help of which you can make your work even more efficient. So you can see the SIM cards of your company used worldwide at any time and manage them professionally and user-friendly. Our tailor-made M2M offers are particularly suitable in combination with the M2M management platform for every application and every industry. Sunrise offers you flexible tariffs and services that are specifically designed for data communication between your machines..

Key Features
  • Manage M2M bulk quotas of SIM cards yourself on a central platform that can be individually adapted to your business and get a real-time overview of the data volume used by individual SIM cards in freely selectable periods.
  • Link your devices in real time and control them on the go - conveniently via remote access. Our worldwide roaming partners guarantee full accessibility everywhere.
  • Be automatically informed by email or SMS about the data volume used, limit and threshold violations or other adjustable escalation messages.
  • Benefit from double competence thanks to our partnership with Telefónica as the world's leading communication provider and innovative M2M solution provider.
Your advantages at a glance
  • The flexible complete solution for all M2M connections in your company

  • Optimal support thanks to tailor-made tariff models for your respective needs

  • Process and cost control through the uniform presentation and preparation of all M2M connections with the M2M management platform. You save time and high investment costs

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