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Tips for a smooth move:

You can find all information for a hassle-free move on our moving page.

You can report your move directly in My Sunrise. My Sunrise.

Please have the following information ready before you “move” your Sunrise products:

  • Your new address
  • Your moving date: At least 30 days in advance if you have landline and Internet connections
  • The previous tenant's number or, in the case of fiber optic connections, the OTO-ID for your new address. Otherwise, you might incur additional charges for an electrician.
  • A mobile phone number where you can be reached for questions or communication regarding exact dates and times.

Please note:

  • Depending on the product, a move results in certain charges.
  • Depending on the situation, an electrician has to be dispatched to your new residence to set up the connection in your home. This is particularly true if you do not provide the previous tenant's number or if the previous tenant's number cannot be used. This might happen, for instance, if the previous tenant's number is a UPC number or if the previous tenant's number has been inactive for a long time.

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