Roaming does not have to be expensive – useful tips for using your mobile phone abroad

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  • Deactivating or curbing services

    Manage data-intensive applications or turn them off completely. These could include location services and background updates for certain apps. You can deactivate the automatic synchronization of all your apps in your smartphone's settings.

    Anticipatory Download Scheduling

    Some services offer an offline feature. It allows you to download and store content on your mobile phone in Switzerland in advance, e.g., your Spotify playlist, or a map showing your vacation destination via Navigon.

    Using Apps

    Once an app is installed on a hardware device, it often uses less data than a costly Internet search. Therefore, we recommend that you use special apps for regularly used services, such as for local transportation or restaurant information.

  • If you live close to a national border, it is possible that your mobile phone automatically connects to a foreign mobile network, which leads to roaming costs. You can prevent this by manually selecting the Sunrise mobile network.

    For instructions on manual network selection for the most popular mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, please go to Hardware Support.

    When you travel abroad, we recommend that you switch back to automatic network selection.

  • Go to your mobile phone's settings to block data roaming. 

    For instructions on data roaming deactivation for the most popular mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, please go to Hardware Support.

  • Sunrise data alert, the multi-level alert system, is activated by default; it protects you from high charges you might otherwise incur as a result of data traffic abroad. We let you know step by step via SMS of your current data costs; this gives you complete control at any time:

    1. Info SMS at the CHF 50.00 level
    2. Info SMS at the CHF 100.00 level
    3. Info SMS at the CHF 200.00 level
    4. Blocking data traffic at the CHF 300.00 level

    To deactivate Sunrise data alert: Text STOP to 3310
    To reactivate Sunrise data alert: Text START to 3310
    To deactivate blocking of mobile surfing abroad: Text UNBLOCK to 3310
    Additional information regarding this service: Text INFO to 3310

    Please note:

    Under certain conditions and depending on the country, there may be a time delay between you generating roaming volume and us sending an alert SMS or blocking your use of data. Network service disruptions or factors that are out of Sunrise control may at times prevent some or all alerts from being sent. Sunrise does not guarantee this service.

  • If you lose your mobile phone abroad, block your SIM card immediately in My Sunrise or call our international hotline at +41 58 777 01 01 (charge applies).
  • Turning off your Mailbox

    When you are traveling abroad and you receive a message in your voice mail, you pay for the cost of the incoming call and the cost of forwarding it to your mailbox in Switzerland. This is an international standard. When you retrieve your message, you also incur a charge for calling your mailbox in Switzerland.

    Simply turn off your voice mailbox at any time to make sure that you do not incur these costs: #145#

    When you want to turn on your voice mailbox again: *145#

    Retrieving Mailbox Messages

    When you are abroad and want to retrieve your mailbox messages, dial +41 86 076 + the last seven digits of your phone number.

    If you don't get directly to your voice mailbox, but hear your greeting instead, press pound (#), enter your 4-digit mailbox password and press the pound key (#) again. As a precaution, please memorize your mailbox password. In case you forgot your password, press the star key (*). You will receive your password via SMS shortly.

  • As a Sunrise prepaid customer, you have the same benefits as subscription customers. Sign up for Roaming Data Package Sunrise travel data at any time to ensure worry-free use of your mobile phone abroad.

    In den meisten Ländern können Sie mit Sunrise Prepaid ganz normal eine Nummer wählen und die Verbindung wird aufgebaut. In den Ländern, in denen dies nicht möglich ist, können Sie Anrufe wie folgt tätigen:
    *111* + Landesvorwahl + Telefonnummer + # und dann die Wahltaste (z. B. Telefonhörer).

    Before you leave for your trip, make sure that you have a large enough balance on your card or take a Sunrise prepaid refill card with you, just in case. Even better: Sign up early for Sunrise Prepaid credit card refill. You can then easily refill your balance any time via credit card when you are abroad.

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