Which mobile phone and which software do I need to use Wi-Fi calling?

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Whether or not Wi-Fi calling works depends on the software and device (mobile phone).

Regarding the software:
It could be that your device's software is not Swiss specific. There is a distinction between the software of the device manufacturer (e.g. Samsung) and the software of the operating system manufacturer (e.g. Android). Wi-Fi calling cannot be activated if the device manufacturer's software is not Swiss specific.

Here is how you can find out if your device is Swiss specific or not:

  1. Enter the following number combination into your phone: *#1234#
  2. Read on your screen whether the software version is Swiss specific.

    - AUT stands for Switzerland
    - ATO stands for Austria
    - DBT stands for Germany

Would you like device software that is optimized for Switzerland? Proceed as follows:

Important beforehand:
A software change invalidates the device's warranty. Bring the device into a Sunrise shop, and we will take care of the software adjustment.

Attention: Because the device is returned to factory settings during the software update, we urgently recommend that you back up all your data and settings on a private memory device beforehand. The entire process takes approximately five workdays. You will incur the following charges:

  • CHF 0.00 for devices that you have acquired directly from Sunrise.
  • CHF 50.00 for devices acquired from a middleman.

A replacement device cannot always be provided.

Regarding the device:
All Wi-Fi calling-capable devices can be found under Wi-Fi Calling

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