Monthly price (CHF) 5.-

Monthly price (CHF) 5.- Select

Rate details

  • Convenient

    Use your mobile plan's data volume on an additional device

  • Second SIM card

    + CHF 49.– (one-time)

Other Rates

More information

  • With Freedom share data and a second SIM card with a separate phone number, you can surf independently on a second mobile hardware device (e.g. tablet), with the data usage from the second mobile hardware billed against the data volume of the Freedom subscription connected with this option.
  • Freedom data share is only available in connection with a Sunrise Freedom subscription.
  • None.
  • The option can be cancelled with a cancellation period of 30 days prior to the end of each month.
  • With the Freedom share data option, an additional hardware device (e.g. tablet) can be optionally purchased with installment payments with no interest or fees. Each hardware device from CHF 1.00 down payment.

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