Terms of use: Sunrise Pay

  1. Sunrise assumes no warranty for any purchased Content. The terms of use of the respective provider apply.

  2. When you purchase Content using Sunrise Pay, the provider charges the purchase amount to your Sunrise customer account or deducts it from your prepaid balance.

  3. If you are not the owner of the Sunrise customer account you use to bill a purchase to, you hereby confirm that you are duly authorized to make such purchase at the expense of the account owner.

  4. Any complaints regarding the purchased content shall be directed to respective provider. Only the supplier and the Content owner are authorized to cancel a purchase or refund the purchase amount.

  5. There is a monthly limit of CHF 100.00 for Sunrise Pay purchases. To deactivate or activate the “Sunrise Pay” payment option at any time, go to My Sunrise.

  6. Sunrise is authorized to temporarily or permanently block Sunrise Pay or any individual transactions at any time. Sunrise accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy of any conducted transactions.

  7. Purchases made using Sunrise Pay can only be authenticated via your mobile phone or tablet over the Sunrise mobile network.