WhatsApp messaging included

In Switzerland and abroad

WhatsApp messaging in Switzerland

Finally, a subscription with unlimited WhatsApp messaging. No matter how much you send, what you send, or when and to whom you send: Your WhatsApp messaging data is included throughout Switzerland.

Our subscriptions include unlimited WhatsApp messaging in Switzerland. This does not affect the data volume included in your subscription.

WhatsApp messaging abroad

With MTV mobile, you can even use WhatsApp to stay in contact with your friends and family when you are abroad. With MTV mobile Freedom swiss, world and max, you can use WhatsApp messaging (text messaging, photos and video messaging) at no charge while you are abroad because WhatsApp messaging is included in all countries of Region 1 with the following rates:

  • MTV mobile Freedom swiss: 100 MB of WhatsApp messaging per month abroad included.
  • MTV mobile Freedom world: 200 MB of WhatsApp messaging per month abroad included.
  • MTV mobile Freedom max: UNLIMITED WhatsApp messaging abroad included.

How does it work?

In just a few steps, you can use WhatsApp abroad with no worries:

  1. You have an MTV mobile Freedom swiss, world or max subscription.
  2. Activate data roaming on your smartphone.
  3. All other services that would use data roaming are deactivated by default in foreign networks for all MTV mobile Freedom customers in the Roaming Cockpit.
  4. If your WhatsApp included credit has been used up abroad, you will be informed of this via a free SMS message. You can then purchase a roaming option in the Roaming Cockpit, if necessary.

And then you can chat with no worries with friends and family while you're abroad.

Please note that downloading the WhatsApp app and calls via WhatsApp (Voice over IP calls) are not included. These will be charged according to the applicable roaming rates.

In a nutshell: Unlimited WhatsApp messaging
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