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Rafi: "I want a mobile phone case with a built-in espresso machine"

As the owner of Zukkihund on Facebook, Rafi Hazera (36) entertains over 50,000 fans. The comedian told to us what he most likes to look up on Wikipedia and what the deal is with his bizarre background image.

1) How much time do you spend on your phone every day?

Way too much.

2) What do you spend the most time doing?

Procrastinating. Specifically, on and Wikipedia articles about mealworms and things like that.

3) What app could you absolutely not live without?

Chicken Simulator 2015.

4) What mobile phone gadget would you like to invent?

A mobile phone case with a built-in espresso machine.

5) When are you unreachable?

On a plane. And in the bathroom. Haha - just kidding. Only on a plane.

6) What does your background image look like?

Conan the Barbarian playing in a brass band and wearing Hello Kitty slippers

7) Your battery only has 2 % power left – what's the last thing you do?

Write to my family that I love them and we might meet again sometime, somewhere.

8) What surprising song is in your media library?

Mystical Mind Vision by L.A.S.E.R-RAY. Why do I have that?!

9) What three people's numbers do you call the most?

  • Cablecom technical support, only after 2 a.m. to get put on hold, just to ask how it's going.
  • Dargebotene Hand [Helping Hand - Swiss helpline].
  • Call girls of Schwamendingen (helping hands).

10) What tip do you have for mobile phone users? 

Reset your mobile phone to "factory settings" and everything will go much faster.

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