MTV mobile Freedom

More in store for everyone under 30

MTV mobile has more than just a less expensive telecom subscription for everyone under 30.

The half-fare travel card at half price is included in the MTV mobile Freedom myfriends and higher priced tariffs.

More reasons to switch to MTV mobile

  • When you are young, you want it all: spending the entire weekend at clubs, with friends always at your side – and chatting until your fingers turn red-hot. MTV mobile has more than just a less expensive telecom subscription for everyone under 30. For example, get festival tickets for the weekend, and a half-fare travelcard at half the price so you can get where you need to go. Plus, attractive roaming rates when you are on vacation.
  • For the second time, Sunrise emerged as the WINNER in the "connect" network test. With 973 points, Sunrise earned the highest result ever measured in all countries and, together with Swisscom, finished a solid 128 points ahead of Salt.
  • As an MTV mobile Freedom customer, you pay for your half-fare travelcard in monthly installments on your bill – and MTV mobile pays for half of it! If you already have a half-fare travelcard, you get back the remaining value of your old half-fare travelcard and receive a new one at a 50% discount. Stay perfectly mobile.
  • Finally, a subscription with unlimited WhatsApp messaging. No matter how many messages you send, what you send, when and to whom: Your WhatsApp messaging data is included throughout Switzerland. And with MTV mobile Freedom swiss and world, you can even message your friends via WhatsApp when you are abroad. Go ahead and let all your loved ones know how nice a vacation can be without roaming charges.
  • Surf on 4G+ with up to 300 Mbit/s for as little as CHF 60/month. And that's unlimited – never ever worry about data volume again.
  • Get unlimited freedom without a minimum contract duration with the MTV mobile Freedom subscription.

    Your advantage: Total flexibility. Change your subscription any time without having to adhere to any deadlines.

    Your needs keep changing. Yesterday, making phone calls was important to you; today, you need more data, are sending more SMS messages, or are making frequent international calls. Adjust your MTV mobile Freedom subscription from one day to the next, and never pay more than necessary.

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