High-tech case

A powerful high-tech item: the GEAR4 Oxford case, made with D3O®. This high-tech material provides unbeatable protection from accidental falls and is used by Olympic ski teams as well as the military. GEAR4 cases are made with D3O® to provide your smartphone with the best fall, impact and shock protection. GEAR4 is the first case manufacturer to use the latest generation of D3O® that provides more protection per cubic meter than comparable materials. This means that GEAR4 delivers cases that are extremely slim, elegant and protective – and this makes all the difference for you and your smartphone. Whether it involves major appearances or small accidents.

D3O® is a scientifically tested high-tech material – and the perfect protection for your smartphone. The principle behind D3O® is as simple as it is ingenious: If your smartphone falls to the ground, a strong impulse occurs right where the mobile phone hits the surface. D3O® takes this concentrated impulse, distributes it and lessens its force. This neutralizes harmful vibrations before they can even reach your smartphone. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that D3O® is used everywhere it really matters. Such as in protective clothing for motorcycle racing and professional football helmets.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone XR