Go Truly Wireless with Stockholm
Easy access and compact design. These new True Wireless earbuds are your perfect companion for your everyday use, everywhere you go.With a 3.5-hour playtime on a full charge, Stockholm offers the best quality to enjoy your favorite music. It comes with a charging case that provides three additional charges by the time you put the earbuds in the case. It features multifunction touch panels which give you the possibility to adjust volume, make an instant switch between tracks, answer phone calls and activate voice assistants (such as Siri and Google Now) – all works perfectly with both iPhone and Android, a guaranteed quality that is not fully supported on its main competitor.  Stockholm is an easy-to-access companion in a compact design. Just open the lid of the case and pick the earbuds – they connect automatically to your device within seconds and all you need to do is touch the panel to start listening to your favorite tracks. Its dual-microphone function makes your voice crystal clear for the recipient, regardless of your surroundings, be it a busy subway or a noisy office. And once you are done using your earbuds, place them in the charging case and they will automatically power off and start recharging. The case is designed to be easily put in your pocket, with rounded edges that don’t leave any marks and a nonslip soft rubber coating that adds a very nice touch to it.