Modem exchange

Fritzbox 7390 to Sunrise Internet Box

Unfortunately, this means that your current model, the “FRITZ!Box 7390”, will no longer be able to receive an Internet signal, and needs to be replaced. On this page, you will find all the information you need to make this exchange.

All information (specifications, guides, handbooks etc.) on the Sunrise Internet Box can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

    1. Unplug your current Internet box.
    2. Install your new Internet box according to the instructions that come with it.
    3. If you have a landline phone or a TV box, connect them to your new Internet box.
    4. Restart your landline phone and TV box.
    5. Now you’re good to go – happy surfing!
  • Internet technology is changing in ways that mean your current Internet box will soon no longer work. Install your new box as soon as you receive it to avoid any interruption in your Internet service.
  • After your current box has been replaced, you can either send it back to us for free or properly dispose of it yourself. Please use the return label enclosed in the package for the return and hand it in conveniently at one of the approximately 1,200 “Päckli Punkt” locations. You can find an overview of the locations here .
  • Yes, both your Wi-Fi name and your password will change. You’ll be able to find them on the back of the new box.
  • No, you don’t need to replace your TV box or your landline phone. We’ll send you more information about how to connect both of them to your new box along with the device itself.
  • More information about the installation of the new Internet Box will be provided upon delivery or at .
  • You will need to reconfigure several settings that you already adjusted on your current Internet Box (FRITZ!Box 7390), such as: Phone book, DECT phone, or Wi-Fi.

    • Phone book: Existing phone book entries must be transferred from your FRITZ!Box 7390 to the new Sunrise Internet Box entry by entry. Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy the entries.
    • DECT phone: DECT phones can be connected to our Sunrise Internet Box. Please follow the instructions included in delivery. The new Sunrise Internet Box does not support ISDN phones/fax devices.
    • Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi name and password will change. Both are listed on the back side of the new Sunrise Internet Box and can be changed at any time at
  • Alarm systems use various technologies to transmit notifications, e.g., to a system center. Please contact the manufacturer of your system.
Important: After you finish installing your Sunrise Internet Box, please restart each device that is connected to the Internet.