The power of XGS-Pon technology at home

Sunrise Internet Box Fiber

The latest WiFi technology, at your reach

Sunrise has developed a pure fiber home gateway for the latest generation of fiber optic technology (XGS-PON). With certified WiFi 6 and an 8x8 antenna design, the router has the fastest and most modern WiFi technology available. The new Sunrise Internet Box Fiber is able to operate devices connected via LAN with up to 10Gbit / s, provided the end device (e.g. laptop) also has a corresponding 10Gbit / s LAN card. Telephones can be connected via the two physical connections or via DECT

- 1 x 10Gbit / s LAN port, 4 x 1Gbit / s LAN port
- Fastest WiFi with 8x8 MuMiMo and certified WiFi 6 support
- Telephony via 2 FX ports and DECT
- 5GHz modem
- Industry’s highest performance 802.11ax / ac / n / a / g / b wireless LAN chipset
- Combining high PHY / data link speed with reliable high data throughput over the maximum    network diameter

Trying to install the SIB Fiber at home?

If you have received the SIB Fiber and want to see the installation process in easy steps, click here: