What is an OTO ID and where do I find it?

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Fiber optic cable outlet / OTO ID
If your apartment is already connected to the fiber optic cable network, you generally also have a fiber optic cable outlet. In order to be able to connect the products ordered to the correct fiber optic connection, we require the number of your fiber optic cable outlet, known as the OTO ID. In any case, your building management or the previous tenant can give you information.

Where is the fiber optic cable outlet?
The fiber optic cable outlet is normally located in the living room, usually mounted next to the main telephone outlet. Also look behind the furniture. If you have a multi-media box, the fiber optic cable outlet may also be in there.

Where is the number of the fiber optic cable outlet (OTO ID)?
The number of the fiber optic cable outlet (OTO ID) is printed on the outlet itself. As a rule, the OTO ID begins with A or B (could be O or WP in exceptional cases) and has the format: A.XXX.XXX.XXX.X.

Example of a fiber optic cable outlet, including OTO ID:

How do you tell us the number?
During the ordering process, enter the number in the "OTO ID for fiber optic connection" field. If you have already completed the ordering process without providing the OTO ID, please call us at 0800 707 707 and give us the number.

Attention: Not all connected households necessarily have a fiber optic cable outlet. Therefore, it may be necessary to install one. If this should be the case for you, please call 0800 707 707.

Interested in the technical details?
The fiber optic cable outlet is an optical telecommunications outlet (= OTO for Optical Termination Outlet). It has a unique identification number, known as the OTO ID. The fiber optic cable (patch cable) is plugged into it. It forms the optical interface between your device and the fiber optic cable network connection. A fiber optic cable outlet has up to four connections – the numbers 1 to 4 are printed in small type at the bottom of the fiber optic cable outlet. We will inform you which connections are used for your products during the activation process.

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