E-bill – delivery and payment method all in one

  • The Sunrise bill ends up directly in your e-banking account and can then be paid quickly and easily with just a few clicks
  • Free service offered by all Swiss financial institutions
  • Do away with the hassle of typing in payment information (reference number) and no fees for delivery and payment

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  • Requirement

    • In order to register for the e-bill, you must already be an e-banking customer.


    • Bank: Log in through your e-banking portal (registration area for e-bill).
    • PostFinance: Log into the e-finance service and click on the e-bill.


    • Register for e-bill and select the bill issuer "Sunrise Communications AG".
    • Use your customer number and your bill number to register
    • Choose whether you would like to be notified via e-mail and/or via SMS (only mobile customers) when a new bill is received. You can change the notification method any time in your e-banking account.
    • Review your e-banking and customer information and confirm the registration.


    • After successful completion of the registration process, you will receive an e-mail notification.
  • Requirement

    • In order to make payments, you must already be registered for the e-bill.


    • Log into your e-banking or e-finance portal
    • Check the billing details
    • Click on accept/pay
  • The Sunrise e-bill will be sent directly to your e-banking account. It can be accessed in PDF format, and paid with a few mouse clicks.

    • Your bank or post office will notify you by SMS and/or e-mail when a new Sunrise e-bill is received.
    • You can configure and change the notification method any time in your e-banking account.

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