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Unfortunately, there is no complete protection from spam. However, you can prevent spam with simple tricks or have your Webmail filter spam messages.

Preventing spam:

  1. Never click on links in spam e-mails, and never respond to such e-mails.
  2. Deactivate the e-mail preview option in your e-mail program (Outlook, etc.).
  3. Deactivate the display of HTML scripts and install a pop-up blocker for your browser.
  4. Do not reveal your personal e-mail address in public forums and social networks.

Marking e-mails as SPAM:

Spam e-mails can be very annoying and can fill your mailbox with unsolicited e-mail messages. Sunrise Webmail has an automatic anti-spam feature. You can use this feature to filter annoying e-mails. To improve the spam filter, you can move each unsolicited spam message that the system did not automatically recognize into your spam folder. To do this, use the features in Sunrise Webmail.

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