Sunrise Fresh -The new mobile subscription for everyone under 30

Fresh Extras worth over CHF 40.–

Everything as fresh as you could want – thanks to the mobile subscription for everyone under 30 that includes Extras worth over CHF 40.– per month.


Online only: Activation fee of CHF 55.– waived.

Still not sure? We can help you to choose.


  • Anyone under 30. The 30th birthday is the last day it is possible to sign up for a Sunrise Fresh subscription. 
    • Anyone who already has a Sunrise Young subscription. Anyone with a Sunrise Young subscription can continue to benefit from the Fresh prices even after they turn 30.
    • Anyone who has any Sunrise subscription and is under 30.

    • Customers who are already over 30 and have a 4evr subscription, for example 4evr Freedom Swiss Start.
    • No, you’ll lose the discounts. If there is a minimum contract duration, it will continue. 
    • With a Sunrise Fresh subscription, you cannot benefit from a WePack discount.

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