Monthly price (CHF) 50.-

Monthly price (CHF) 50.- Select

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    • All Sunrise Go dayflat, Free, airbag, Prepaid Unlimited, and all MTV mobile Prepaid rates.

      Customers with the following rate plan must switch to Prepaid airbag or Prepaid Unlimited
      in order to benefit from this option: go, go classic, twenty, pronto, and pronto relax.

      Simply send an SMS with the keyword "airbag" or "unlimited" to 5522.

    • Register by sending an SMS to 5522 with the text "UNLIMITED30" or online in "My Sunrise".

      There must be enough credit in the prepaid account in order to activate the option.

    • The option will be activated after SMS registration confirmation.
    • 30 days
    • The option automatically renews every 30 days as long as sufficient credit is available. Successful activation is confirmed via SMS.
    • The option fee is billed at registration/activation and is automatically billed every 30 days until it is cancelled.
    • To stop the renewal of the option, send the text “UNLIMITED30 STOP” to the number 5522. Included services that have not been used can be utilized until the option expires.

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