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  • The Smartphone Upgrade option cannot be activated until you have signed up for a new device plan or have purchased the latest iPhone model. The option cannot be activated at a later date.

    A device plan may only be purchased together with a new or current Sunrise Freedom subscription.

  • The option is valid until the next iPhone generation reaches the market or until the device plan term is concluded. When signing up for a new device plan, the option must be reactivated.
  • The Smartphone Upgrade option is free.
  • Sunrise reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the Smartphone Upgrade option at any time in exchange for reimbursement of option fees paid up to that date. After cancellation of the option, a trade-in is no longer possible.
  • Trade-in devices may not be damaged and, if necessary, must be repaired by an Apple-authorized shop before the trade-in. To avoid unwelcome costs due to damage, we recommend our Sunrise Smart Protection insurance. It covers damage caused by sudden or unexpected external factors (shock, impact, pressure, fire, heat, water, moisture) that result in the device no longer operating as intended. The current general insurance terms and conditions of the insurer apply.