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Rate details

  • Mobile data

    Maximum CHF 0.75/day

  • included data volume per day

    Data volume: unlimited

  • After 100 MB is used up

    4G+ HighSpeed: 100 MB

  • Calls/SMS/MMS in Switzerland

    CHF 0.25/min./SMS/MMS

  • Cost airbag for calling

    Maximum CHF 0.75 per call

  • Cost airbag SMS/MMS

    Maximum CHF 0.75/SMS/MMS per day

  • WhatsApp Messaging

    Everytime you charge CHF 10.-, you will get 30 days (up to 100MB) of WhatsApp Messaging free of charge.

Other Rates

More information

    • Send a free SMS to with the text: YOUNGWS to 5522, or activate the rate plan in My Sunrise.

      Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp will be activated immediately and confirmed by SMS.

      You can also switch to Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp from older prepaid rate plans.

      After that, you won't be able to switch back to your old rateplan.
      However, you can switch between Sunrise Prepaid airbag, Prepaid Unlimited and Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp at any time. New order / change to Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp for over 30 year olds is no longer possible.

    • None
    • None
    • Will only be billed if actually used.
      A day of use begins at the time of initial use and ends at midnight (MEZ) of the same day.

      Every partially used minute will be charged as a full minute.

    • Each time CHF 10.00 or more is added to the Prepaid card: for 30 days, data traffic via WhatsApp (up to a maximum of 100 MB) is free of charge. The included volume of 100 MB includes upload and download data transmission for SMS, photos and videos.

      WhatsApp calls are not included. Unused data volume is not transferred to the next 30-day period. After the included volume has been used up, billing is done at the standard “mobile Internet” rate

      Surfing (in Switzerland) with Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp:

      • Data volume: unlimited 
      • 4G+ HighSpeed: 100 MB
    • The first 100 MB/day with high-speed LTE / 4G Internet at up to 300 Mbit/s (download) and 150 Mbit/s (upload); then continue your unlimited surfing at a reduced speed of 256 kbit/s (download) and 128 kbit/s (upload).

      Surfing (in Switzerland) with prepaid Sunrise Prepaid Young WhatsApp:

      • Data volume: unlimited 
      • 4G+ HighSpeed: 100 MB

      The speed of 128 kbit/s allows the use of basic Internet features such as email, messaging and surfing. Audio and video streaming may be buffered, and websites with large files may be build up with a delay.

    • Key combination *121#

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