Switch to the state-of-the-art network

We plan to take outdated 2G technology offline at the end of 2018 and expedite 4G and 4G+ expansion for our customers.

Sunrise secures the best mobile network for its customers

We will be taking outdated 2G technology offline at the end of 2018. From then on, 2G mobile phone customers will no longer be able to use Sunrise mobile phone services. We recommend switching to the more state-of-the-art network technology right away.

With your current 2G device you daily have the following drawbacks: 
  1. 80% more dropped calls than on the 4G networkmeaning that calls break off suddenly in the middle of your conversations and you have to call back.
  2. The 2G voice transmission quality is 20% worse than on the 4G network. That means you can hear the person on the other end of the line better and more clearly with a 4G mobile phone.
  3. Call setup is slower, meaning you have to wait longer for your calls to be connected.

Our attractive offer

With each Sunrise Freedom mobile subscription, you can sign up for a device plan at any time, get any 4G-capable mobile phone with a down payment starting at CHF 1.–, and pay for it in 24 easy monthly installments – without interest or fees.

Current offer: 

Still not a Sunrise Freedom customer?

Enjoy the full performance of the best mobile network in Switzerland now. Order your new device online or replace your old 2G mobile phone with a new 4G-capable mobile phone at the nearest Sunrise center.