Forever Young

Because turning 30 is already hard enough.

Staying on the youth subscription until you’re 70?

You can sign up for Sunrise Freedom Young until you’re 30. Our offer remains valid, even after you hit 26. You can keep the rate and your Young advantages for as long as the subscription is right for you. The subscription won’t change if you don’t want it to.

Against age discrimination

  • As far as Sunrise is concerned, you’re still young even after your 26th birthday.
  • Automatic switching to a more expensive rate when you turn 30, against your will? Not with Sunrise!
  • With Sunrise, you can stay young for as long as you want.

Still under 30 and don’t have a subscription with Sunrise?

Even more benefits with Sunrise Freedom Young

50% discount on your half-fare*

If you are still under 30, we will cover 50% of the costs of your half-fare

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No additional costs after you turn 30

Keep your youth rate for the same price, even after you turn 30.

Unlimited data for WhatsApp*

In Switzerland and abroad

Unlimited data for Snapchat*

in Switzerland

Keep benefiting with no effort

We take care of everything – benefit from the youth rate for the rest of your life if you don't switch