Test your internet speed

Sunrise Internet Speedtest

Do you want to know at what speed internet is available in your area? How fast your internet connection really is? Here you will find the answers to any questions you may have regarding internet speed.

Preparation for an optimal result

Make the following preparations for a meaningful result and then click "Start speed test now".

  1. Set up your computer: Update your Internet browser to the latest version and close any browser windows you have open.
  2. Connect your computer: Connect your computer to your Sunrise Internet Box using the network cable provided.
  3. Switch off Wi-Fi: Switch off the Wi-Fi on your Sunrise Internet Box.
  4. Switch off devices: Disconnect your Sunrise TV Box, phone and other devices from the Sunrise Internet Box by switching off these devices as well.

Are you not satisfied with your test result? Check the preparatory measures that need to be taken in order to achieve an optimal result.

The cnlab Speedtest in the browser offers a quick overview for Internet connections with a data rate of less than 200 Mbit/s. The accuracy of the results depends heavily on the performance of the computer and the browser. For reliable testing of faster connections, use the Speedtest program (or mobile app). These programs also provide more detailed evaluation options and automatic assistance for problem solving.

What internet speed do I generally need?

Do you just surf the internet on a daily basis, or maybe even stream films? The requirements placed on the data transfer rate can differ drastically. See concrete examples of what the available upload and download speeds mean with our internet speed comparison. 


  • A speed test can be carried out when you want to test the end-to-end speed between your computer and the reference system on the internet via your network. This makes it possible to make a statement about the performance of your internet connection.

    As an independent company, cnlab information technology AG makes its speed test program available to various providers. Among other things, this can be used to test upload and download speeds, as well as response times from your own terminal to reference systems on the internet.

    Sunrise does not guarantee a minimum bandwidth. The transmission speeds listed represent optimum performance and are not guaranteed.

    • Computer requirements
      Use a powerful test device (computer) for the speed test. Make sure that your hardware CPU and gigabit network card in particular are suitable for gigabit measurements. 
    • Network cable requirements
      Use a network cable of min. Cat 5e with optimum length (< 55 meters). The cable should not be rolled.
    • Line
      The quality of the line itself is not good enough: Check the internet availability of your connection
    • Network utilization
      The utilization of the various networks and components can also have an influence on the test result. It can therefore be the case that network utilization varies greatly depending on the time of day. Therefore, we recommend that you carry out several measurements at different times during the day.


    • Distance from modem
      The distance from the modem may be too far, which would mean the Wi-Fi antennas are unable to transmit that far. In this case, we recommend placing the modem more centrally, or using a Wi-Fi extender.
    • Modem placement
      The Sunrise Internet Box should be placed as centrally as possible in the apartment. It should never be placed behind or under furniture. Please do not place the modem in the closed distribution cabinet.
    • Building structure & construction
      Thick walls, metal doors or having to transmit over several floors, etc. can weaken the Wi-Fi signal.
    • Wi-Fi version and terminal hardware
      Certain devices do not support the latest version of Wi-Fi or do not have the hardware needed to utilize the available speed. 
    • Selecting the best place for it
      Position the Sunrise Internet Box as centrally as possible. It should never be placed behind or under furniture.
    • Distribution cabinet
      Please do not place the modem in the closed distribution cabinet. The Sunrise Internet Boxes are designed with Wi-Fi coverage and maximum speed in mind. Their shape and size no longer allows them to be installed in the distribution cabinet in most cases. The speed of Wi-Fi and the landline connection is greatly reduced by metal doors and a non-central location. The loss of speed can be up to 75%.
    • Cable inspection
      Check the cables for the version and make sure they are still OK. You can achieve the highest and most stable speeds by connecting the Sunrise Internet Box to your device using a network cable (min. Cat 5e)
  • The download speed is the maximum speed at which you can download data from the internet. This includes typical streaming of video and audio files, downloading documents and surfing.

    The upload speed shows you the maximum speed at which you can upload data. Examples include submitting videos to YouTube or posting documents online. As a general rule, download speed is normally noticeably higher than upload speed. Visit this page to find out the best internet transmission speed for you.


Do you have any further questions?