Waste & Recycling

Waste and recycling is an important aspect for Sunrise to meet its customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations of sound environmental management. A solid product life cycle view can enhance the attractiveness of products in the eyes of Sunrise customers.

In the area of product and business ecology, Sunrise has several initiatives in place to lower waste and improve the recycling of its own products. Since 2015, Sunrise has been offering a Buyback program for mobile phones and tablets. The Company continued the program in 2019, taking back a large number of mobile phones and tablets for proper recycling or refurbishment. Sunrise also has in place a refurbishment program for Sunrise T V and Internet Boxes returned by customers. The goal of this program is to increase the use of these hardware while at the same time decreasing e-waste. Sunrise is also using FSC recycled paper for its office papers and envelopes.

A state-of-the-art approach to office ecology can help Sunrise improve its attractiveness as an employer. Digitalization is therefore an important driver toward sustainable office ecology. With the move to its new headquarters in 2019, Sunrise seeks to minimize paper consumption and waste by offering its employees a modern, paperless, digital work experience. As part of the new workplace, Sunrise also implemented a state-of-the-art recycling concept for the new headquarters in 2019.