In recognition of the valuable contribution and commitment from its employees, in 2020 Sunrise implemented a one-off employee share participation plan (ESPP). This gave all employees the opportunity to become shareholders and co-owners of Sunrise, to share in the success of the company, and to be entitled to dividends and voting rights. By participating in the ESPP, employees either received 15 Sunrise shares for free (option A) or could choose to invest between CHF 1500.– and CHF 12,500.– in Sunrise shares and benefit from a 50% discount on the share purchase price (option B). These Sunrise shares are blocked for a period of three years on allocation and can be neither sold nor transferred during this period.

Employee involvement
As a responsible employer, Sunrise maintains an open and constructive dialogue with representatives of the employee-elected Staff Committee. The Executive Leadership Team and the Employee Relations Manager update Staff Committee members monthly on the company’s development, particularly with regard to any decisions that might impact the workforce. The Staff Committee is also frequently involved in HR department projects as an active participant representing the workforce. The Staff Committee also addresses other topics including issues such as the workplace environment and employee assistance in the event of bilateral conflicts. The Staff Committee collects information from employees and consults with the ELT accordingly. In the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition or large-scale redundancy program, close collaboration between the Staff Committee and the ELT is essential. The nine members of the Staff Committee are elected for a three-year term, with the current term ending in December 2020.

Employee Survey
In 2019, HR introduced two new employee surveys: “Great Place To Work” and “PulseCheck”

Great Place to Work
The international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® certified Sunrise as an outstanding employer in August 2019.

The Great Place to Work® certification is based on an anonymous survey of all employees as well as an analysis of the HR and management perspectives. To receive the Great Place to Work® certification, companies must score at least 70% on the evaluation criteria for both parts. This is not just the first time that Sunrise has taken part in the certification program, but Sunrise is also the first Swiss telecommunications company to be awarded this title.
Sunrise staff gave their employer top ratings in all five categories: trust, respect, fairness, pride, and team spirit. With an above-average participation rate of 82%, Sunrise achieved a particularly impressive result in the category “Pride”: 88% of employees are proud to work for Sunrise. In total, 87% think that Sunrise is a “Great Place to Work®”. The survey also highlights areas that still need improvement, such as developing the potential and skills of Sunrise employees. Follow-up actions are being implemented across all business units to create an even more attractive workplace.

It should be emphasized in particular that the overall results for the demographic variables indicate a good approach to diversity & inclusion. There are no significant or general differences between the variables of gender, age, tenure, hierarchy, front-back office roles, or education. There are no significant gender-specific differences, particularly in the overall “trust index” of 79%:


Sunrise PulseCheck Engagement Survey
Sunrise management is keen to collect employee feedback on a regular basis. To this end, Sunrise has carried out regular employee surveys since 2011. In the second half of November 2019, Sunrise replaced the so-called Sunrise Spirit survey (hosted by Gallup) with the PulseCheck survey (hosted by Honestly). PulseCheck is an online survey consisting of a short questionnaire that provides feedback about Sunrise as an employer, its management, and Sunrise as a workplace.

Starting from 2020, the PulseCheck survey is being carried out quarterly in order to match the fast pace of the industry and within Sunrise in particular.

From November 2019 to June 2020, both the participation and the eNPS have increased continuously:

When  Participation eNPS 
November  2019 Participation76%  eNPS 56  
March 2020  Participation83,6%  eNPS 68 
June 2020  Participation85,6%  eNPS 70