Training & Development

Sunrise promotes a culture of excellence and strives to continuously improve the services it offers to its customers. The annual goal-setting and evaluation process is an essential results-oriented performance and development tool. Sunrise focuses on business strategy, corporate values and clear management principles to provide guidance and fulfill the company’s commitment to its customers. As part of this, Sunrise encourages management and employees to have regular conversations about personal development.

The Sunrise Personnel and Organizational Development program supports the ongoing development of Sunrise leadership and employees in response to the everchanging challenges they face and environment they work in. Sunrise invests a lot in internal and external training and coaching. Having the right skills in making presentations, negotiations, sales, and technical specialisms is very important as a foundation and in continuing employee professional development. Many topics have been digitalized and are available to employees around the clock through a modern learning management system. Employees should not only have access to a knowledge database but also be intrinsically motivated to learn.

Sunrise also offers special programs for management. For example, so-called team pit stops provide the manager and the team with valuable insights on how management and staff work together. The overall goal is to strengthen cooperation and improve the manager’s leadership skills. Here, too, Sunrise relies on its approach to learning to engage with a topic online and then develop it further through face-to-face training. Enhancing professional presentation skills, improving resilience, leading virtual teams, and communication at the management level form part of the general offering.

In order to be even better prepared for continuous change, Sunrise also decided to invest part of its budget in tailored professional development measures for employees and teams. To further develop its internal workforce and identify employees with high potential (as leaders or experts), Sunrise examined the entire workforce (covering all roles and levels). More than 100 employees were identified as “Top Talents”. Together with their supervisors and HR, each Top Talent designed their own customized development plan and future career trajectory.

Internal Training Courses 2019  Number of participants Training hours 
Online Class  Number of participants1'992  Training hours 792 
Test  Number of participants595  Training hours 79 
Video  Number of participants218  Training hours 
Classroom  Number of participants593  Training hours 17'079 
Total  Number of participants3'398  Training hours 17'950 

With more than 1'800 Sunrise employees, this means an average of over 10 hours of internal training per employee! 

Highest percentage of apprentices among all major telecommunication providers

As a highly engaged and well-known participant in the Swiss apprenticeship market, Sunrise puts great effort into training up-and-coming professionals. Sunrise employs a total of more than 140 apprentices working towards their Swiss Certificate of Competence (EFZ) qualifications in areas such as retail, customer relations, IT, mediamatics, and sales. In total, apprentices comprise 8.9% of the total full-time workforce, meaning that Sunrise has the highest proportion of apprentices out of all major telecommunication providers.
Sunrise considers this part of its societal responsibility while also understanding the importance of systematically developing its own pool of young talent. The retention rate also shows that Sunrise offers its graduate apprentices career prospects beyond their apprenticeships.

All 39 apprentices who completed their apprenticeship in 2019 passed, without exception. Two of the 39 apprentices stood out as the year's best due to their outstanding performance.