Frequently asked questions regarding the new TV Box and Connect Box

We are replacing your old TV Box because it no longer meets the current technical standards and sustainability requirements.

With your new Connect Box, you will benefit from a much faster and interference-free internet connection. Your Connect Box connects to your new TV Box with ease and gives you the option of using our Smart WiFi.

Unfortunately, you cannot keep your old TV Box and will no longer be able to use it two weeks after receiving your new Box.

With your new Sunrise We TV subscription, you benefit from a much larger selection of TV channels, access to apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime directly via your IPTV Box and intuitive, multilingual voice control.

In addition, you now have access to the UPC TV App, which you can use to watch your favorite programs and series at home and on the go, both within Switzerland and abroad.

Both your Wi-Fi (WLAN) name and password will change when you install the new modem.

You will find the login details on the bottom of your new modem.

Instructions on changing the Wi-Fi (WLAN) name and password for the Connect Box 1 can be found here.

You can view instructions for the Connect Box 2 here.

Connect Box 1 & Connect Box 2

Unfortunately, neither your saved and scheduled recordings nor any other settings can be carried over from your old TV Box.

Find out how to program and manage recordings on your new Sunrise TV Box here.

Once you have replaced your old TV Box, you can send it back to us for free.

Please use our online tool to create your return label.
For shipping, it is best to use the your device’s original packaging.

You can then return your package at one of over 1,200 Päckli Punkt locations.

Yes, all of your TV Boxes will be replaced by new Sunrise TV Boxes.

More information about the Sunrise Multibox program can be found here.

Installation instructions for your new Connect Box 1 can be found here.

All instructions for your new Connect Box 2 can be found here.

Connect Box 1 & Connect Box 2

You can find the installation instructions for your new Sunrise TV Box here.

With our step-by-step instructions, the installation process will take just a few minutes.

Sunrise TV Box