Pro quality. Pro movie-effects. Pro video.
The Galaxy Note20 pro video mode supports additional shooting options like 8K filming and frame rate settings (24/30/60/120fps in FHD and UHD), putting you in complete creative control. Try out its built-in movie-like effects, like adjusting the zoom-in/out speed to give your movies an extra touch of excellence. Your movies will sound even better once you connect your Galaxy Note20 to the Galaxy Buds and use its mic to clearly record your voice over background noises. Then, share your work easily with UWB technology or through hyperfast 5G network. Using Wireless Samsung DeX on your smart TV, you can do two things at the same time without any interruption. Watch and control a video on the larger TV screen while you scroll through a website on your powerphone at the same time.

Like a real pen. But more than just a pen
Smoother writing is just on advantage of the new S Pen experience. Not only does it take notes and draw with various pen tips and effects to freely express your ideas, it also works as a remote control for the camera or to scroll through various contents. The more productive your work, the more time you’ll have for play.With the S Pen and the updated Samsung Notes App you will make any space a productive workspace. Galaxy Note20 helps you to create documents with auto straighten support, convert to text, audio bookmark, importing and documenting on PDF, and exporting notes to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. All with just a few taps. Your Notes are automatically saved and synced across Samsung Notes app in mobile, tablet and PC for more convenient continuity, even with Microsoft OneNote and Outlook on your PC.