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Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 +

The best Galaxy with the best network
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Sunrise One: Internet, TV, landline, mobile

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+ Netflix as a gift

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Internet, TV + landline

The perfect combination for every home

iPhone 7 | 7 Plus

Every 12 months the latest iPhone – at no extra costs

Color : Jet Black

React.OneClickBuy.downPaymentFrom 1.-

React.OneClickBuy.devicePrice 877.-

*Sunrise Smartphone Upgrade – at no extra costs

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have just one entirely new camera system — it has two

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Only online: Switch now to Sunrise One and the number 1 and save CHF 108.–

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Best digital TV in Switzerland

According to the Bilanz Telecomrating 2016

Best mobile network in Switzerland

According to the "Connect network test 2017"

Dschungelkompass.ch confirmed

“Sunrise One: The outstanding complete package for unlimited usage inside Switzerland”

Offers for everyone under 30 or for small businesses