Sunrise awarded the top rating of «OUTSTANDING» for the 7th time in a row

It is the most relevant and meaningful comparison of telecommunications services in the German-speaking world: The connect mobile network test. In its latest edition (issue 01/2023), the trade magazine awards the Sunrise mobile network the title of «OUTSTANDING» for the seventh time in a row. According to the independent trade magazine, Sunrise offers the best mobile phone services, the highest quality of broadband coverage for mobile internet, as well as the largest 5G network in Switzerland.

The mobile network test done by the trade journal connect (issue 01/2023) shows:


The Sunrise mobile network is the only network in Switzerland to be rated «OUTSTANDING» for the seventh time in a row.

Highest quality of broadband coverage

The trade magazine states: Sunrise offers the highest quality of broadband coverage for mobile internet.

Largest 5G network in Switzerland

The work done to expand 5G is impressive. Sunrise offers the largest 5G network in Switzerland.

«‹Dream Big. Do Big.› – This requires the best call and data connections throughout Switzerland, and our customers benefit from this. We have been setting new standards for years. Despite ever-increasing test requirements, we are the only provider in the new connect mobile network test to be rated ‹OUTSTANDING› for the 7th time in a row. We offer the best network for mobile calls, the highest broadband coverage for mobile Internet, and the greatest 5G network coverage in Switzerland. And, of course, we are continuing to expand our network in order to offer the best possible network quality throughout Switzerland.» ​

André Krause, CEO Sunrise​

For full details and more information about the test methodology, see the official website of the independent specialist magazine "connect".

Netztest DACH connect_2023.pdf (PDF)

Results from Connect Measurements

This is where you find 5G from Sunrise.

Sunrise is already providing over 1,000 cities/towns with high-speed 5G (up to 2 Gbit/s) and over 96% of the population with basic 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s). A map of the current coverage area with a location and address search function as well as a list of locations can be found here:

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