connect: The network is in combination the largest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland

The Sunrise UPC mobile network was once again rated as «OUTSTANDING» in this year’s connect mobile network test (issue 1/2022). The Sunrise UPC network is the only mobile network in Switzerland that has been awarded this highest rating six times in a row. Sunrise UPC has the fastest and largest 5G network in Switzerland, as the connect measurements showed: «When taking both the 5G coverage area and 5G data rates into account, Sunrise comes out on top.»

The connect mobile network test and connect measurements confirm:

Outstanding network

Sunrise is the only mobile communications provider to achieve the highest overall mark – “OUTSTANDING” – for the sixth time in a row.

The largest and fastest 5G network

The Sunrise UPC 5G network, which in combination is the largest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland (connect Issue 1/2022).

For full details and more information about the test methodology, see the official website of the independent specialist magazine "connect".

Netztest DACH connect_2022.pdf (PDF)

Results from Connect Measurements

The most awarded 5G network in Europe





This is where you find 5G from Sunrise.

At the beginning of December 2019 we are supplying 331 cities/towns throughout Switzerland with 5G. Our first focus is to concentrate on customers who do not have a fibre-optic connection at home or in the company.

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