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Our Smart WiFi Pods distribute the WiFi that originates from your modem throughout your home, ensuring a super-fast and stable WiFi connection in every corner.

Sunrise Smart WiFi is the first WiFi solution that understands you

«Multimedia distribution boxes in modern apartments are like a prison for the WiFi signal. The fact that our Smart WiFi Pods use the existing LAN/network cabling means that the WiFi signal can also be set free.»

Nicola Hautle, Senior Product Manager Internet

How many Smart WiFi Pods do I need?

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Frequently asked questions

We integrated the Smart WiFi Technology from our WiFi Partner Plume directly into our Connect Pods and some of our modems. Our Pods create a seamless network throughout the household, using WiFi Mesh Technology to constantly monitor and improve the connectivity between the Pods and all connected WiFi clients to ensure the best signal at all times.

The first Connect Pod is included with Smart WiFi Start and costs CHF 5.- per month. Each additional Connect Pod is available with Smart WiFi Extend and costs CHF 2.50 per month. The costs will be listed separately on your monthly bill. You can order up to a total of 5 Connect Pods.

You can order the pods directly in the My Sunrise app, by calling one of our agents using the number 0800 707 505, or by going to your local Sunrise store.

This depends on the size of your apartment. You can find more detailed information here.

The Pods work best with our Connect Box Family of modems, as the service is fully integrated into the modem software. If you have a "Sunrise Internet Box" type of modem, we also support the Pods by providing 2 Pods as part of the Starter Kit to replace the existing WiFi modem.

Important: The Connect Pods are not compatible with Fritzbox and 5G modems.

Depending on your modem, the installation is slightly different. For our new Connect Box family of modems, installation is plug-and-play, and you can just plug the pod into a wall socket. It will automatically connect to your modem. If you have a "Sunrise Internet Box" or "Sunrise Internet Box Fiber" you can download our Smart WiFi App which will guide you through the installation.

Pods should be free from obstacles and about halfway between your modem and a location with bad WiFi.

You can cancel Sunrise Smart WiFi anytime with a notice period of 2 months.