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Relocation: How to take your Internet connection with you

Anyone busy moving has countless things on their mind, one of them being the Internet connection in the new home. In this article, we’ll tell you what to keep in mind when you’re moving.

Evelyne Owa

September 19, 2022 . 2 minutes read

It’s time: You’ve packed up all your stuff in the old apartment and the boxes are stacked by the entrance door – now all that’s left to do is wait for the moving van. Prisca Burdet has also carefully packed the Sunrise modem and the TV Box. She already notified her move online four weeks ago. «I wanted to avoid having to wait for a new Internet connection after moving in,» says the mother of two girls. «Luckily, all I had to do was log in to my Sunrise customer account to report the move.» She was also pleased that her future landlord was able to tell her whether a fibre-optic connection was available at her new address.Besides fiber optics, Swiss households can also get online using DSL and cable connections. Had the Internet connection technology been different, the Burdet family would have needed a new modem or possibly even help from an electrician. The Burdets are lucky, though: They can keep the same technology and continue to surf with fiber optics. To provide the connection, all Sunrise needs is the OTO ID. Prisca Burdet got this identification number, which is important for fiber-optic connections, from her new landlord and saved it in her Sunrise customer account right away. 

Better early than at the last minute

Sunrise receives an average of 4,000 relocation notifications every month. In Switzerland, a lot of people tend to move in April and October and Sunrise receives an above-average number of relocation notifications in the months leading up to April and October. That causes a lot of work for the Customer Service team – as most Sunrise customers still report their relocation by phone. Venela Andonova is part of the Customer Service team that takes care of anyone concerned about their Internet or TV connection.

Venela Andonova from the Customer Service team takes care of anyone concerned about their Internet or TV connection.

«The easiest way is to report a relocation online.»
Venela Andonova, Customer Service

We need enough time to prepare for the connection to be set up and Venela therefore recommends that customers notify Sunrise of their relocation as early as possible and at least four weeks before their moving date. «The easiest way is to report a relocation online

«Thank you for making it so easy to handle online.»

As soon as the sofa has been delivered to the Burdets’ new home, the Wi-Fi needs to work as well – the girls want to play on their iPads while their parents unpack. Fortunately, everything is up and running as soon as Prisca Burdet plugs in the modem. «Our relocation was processed quickly and simply online. Thank you so much,» she writes later as her customer feedback. And what would have happened if Sunrise hadn’t managed to achieve the activation date? Venela Andonova from Customer Service says: «Then we would have offered some compensation to the Burdet family as quickly as possible.»


Checklist for the Internet relocation

  • Notify us of your new address via your «My Sunrise» customer account at least four weeks before the move.

  • Find out whether a DSL, fiber-optic or cable connection is available in your new home.

  • For a DSL connection, we need the name and landline number of the person who previously occupied your new home so that we can activate your connection with the correct telephone line. If you don’t have access to this information, an electrician will have to configure your connection. You can either use our service or hire an electrician yourself.

  • For a fiber-optic connection we need the number of the fiber-optic cable socket, the OTO ID. You can find the number directly on the socket or get it from the previous tenant or property manager.

  • For a cable connection you don’t have to notify us before the move.

  • As soon as the connection has been activated, we will notify you via SMS and/or e-mail and you can connect the modem and/or TV Box.

  • Visit our website to find out how to install the modem or TV Box in your new home. If you have problems with the connection, the Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

  • If you like, our specialists will take care of the installation for you. You have a number of installation services to choose from.

  • Our relocation fee is CHF 99.90.– and covers part of the costs incurred in providing your connection.

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