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Additional options for your mobile subscription

Optimize your mobile subscription to fit your needs here.


Benefit from reduced prices on calling abroad from Switzerland with additional options from Sunrise. Call your friends or family abroad from Switzerland.


-Surf, make calls and SMS abroad

International unlimited EU+/USA/CAN

Call your friends or family abroad from Switzerland

My country

Carefree calls to the country of your choice


Call abroad affordably 

Speed and Flexibility

Learn more about the Sunrise speed booster options, extra SIM, and Sunrise Pay.

Speed Booster

Continue surfing at full speed until the end of the month

Extra SIM

Always and everywhere connected

Sunrise Pay

Convenient and secure payment via your phone bill or with your prepaid credit

Insurance and security

Better safe surfing: There are many dangers lurking online. Sunrise offers optimum protection against these risks.

Cyber security

Your complete online protection keeps you safe from phishing, ransomware, hacking and much more.


Optimal, comprehensive protection against damage and theft

Mobile ID

Secure login on numerous online portals

Extras for your Smartphone


Accessories with a down payment starting at CHF 1.00


Receive credit for your old smartphone or tablet


Apple Music

Over 100 million songs