Recommend Sunrise and benefit

Recommend Sunrise and get up to CHF 220.–! Remember that you don’t actually have to be a Sunrise customer to receive a reward. Our rewards program is designed for anyone who would like to recommend Sunrise.

Here is how it works

Select a product

Select a specific Sunrise product or «Sunrise in general» below.

Send recommendation

Click on «Recommend now» and follow the specified steps.

Receive bonus

As soon as your friend has activated the new subscription, you’ll receive your bonus.

What would you like to recommend?

Internet and TV, just Internet, mobile or Sunrise in general – what’s your favorite?

Internet + TV

You will receive CHF 150.-

Internet only

You will receive CHF 135.-


You will receive CHF 70.-

Sunrise in general

You will receive up to CHF 220.-

What happens once you send your recommendation?

Your friend now has 30 days to act on your recommendation.


You will only receive the bonus if your friend orders a new subscription at or by phone.

Frequently asked questions

No, our rewards program is designed for those who would like to recommend Sunrise.

The bonus is usually assigned six to eight weeks after the product has been activated (provisioned). The time of activation is not the same as the time of sending the confirmation e-mail about your recommendation. The bonus will be available in your referal portal for payout at the beginning of the month following the activation of the product, at the earliest. Please log into the portal and request a credit payout. The bonus will then be transferred to the bank account stored in your profile, either in the current month or the following month at the latest.

With a few exceptions, all Sunrise products are approved for customer referrals. Rate changes are one of the things excluded from customer referrals.