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Say goodbye to your old device and look forward to an exciting replacement.

Because with Sunrise Buyback, when you trade in your old device, you can use its estimated value as a discount for a new one. What's more, we’ll give your old device a second life. Even if it's too far gone for credit, we'll still take it and dispose of it properly. And that's a win-win for your budget and the environment.

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To check the touch responsiveness of your device, follow these steps:

1) Swipe and tap on different parts of the screen, including the edges and corners. Check whether the touch function responds correctly and quickly.

​2) Look very closely at the areas near the cracks or damage on the display. Check whether the touch function is working normally there. If the touch function works fine everywhere on the screen despite the display glass being cracked, your device is graded as «Damaged».​

Don’t worry, you have nothing to lose. We’ll let you know and make you a new offer. You can choose to accept the new offer or decline it within 14 days. If you accept it, we’ll charge the difference in value to your next bill because you’ve already been given the original buyback value as a discount on your new device. If you decline it, we’ll return your device to you for free. In this case, we’ll also charge you the original buyback value on your next bill.

That’s great news! We’ll let you know and give you a credit for the difference in value on your next monthly bill. To avoid any disappointment, we recommend that you grade your device conservatively in the sales process and hope for a pleasant surprise.

You registered for the Buyback program and would like to return your old device, but have misplaced or lost your return slip?

Click on this link: (Create return slip) to create a new return slip.

Print out the new return slip and label and send the old device back to us for free in the return package you received.