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Sunrise WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling improves your mobile phone reception in enclosed spaces by using a WLAN connection

Better reception in enclosed spaces

Make calls and send SMS/MMS as usual without having to download another app

No additional basic fees

Please note: Phone services (calls, SMS/MMS) are billed according to your current rate. Currently, WiFi Calling can only be used in WLAN networks in Switzerland (no roaming available).

How does WiFi Calling work?

1. An operating system that supports WiFi Calling (software)

  • Apple: iOS 10.3 an up

  • Android: Android version 7.0 and up

2. A smartphone that is capable of WiFi Calling (hardware). See step 2.

3. A WiFi connection with a good Internet connection

4. You must activate WiFi Calling on your smartphone

There are 2 ways to check whether your device supports WiFi calling:

  • Install the Sunrise mobile network app for iOS or Android. In the app menu, click on “WiFi Calling Test” to check whether your device is compatible with WiFi calling.

  • In the Sunrise eShop, you will find a list of current mobile models that support WiFi calling.

WiFi Calling will be automatically working after activation.

If the mobile phone signal is not strong enough and you have an adequate connection to a WiFi network, your smartphone will automatically switch to WiFi calling, and route your calls over the WiFi network.

For more information on WiFi Calling, check our Factsheet (PDF).

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