Wi-Fi calling

Better reception in buildings

  • You are making calls via Wi-Fi that will be charged at your current rate.

  • Instructions on how to activate Wi-Fi calling for the most common phones and tablets:

  • You can find the requirements, benefits, and a list of smartphones that are currently compatible with Wi-Fi calling on the Wi-Fi calling info page:

Popular topics

The software of Android devices must conform to Swiss or European specifications so that you can use Wi-Fi Calling.

Check that your device is intended to be used in Switzerland or Europe.

  1. Enter the following key combination into your phone: *#1234#

  2. Read on your screen whether the software version is specifically for Switzerland or Europe:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7
    - AUT stands for Switzerland
    - ATO stands for Austria
    - DBT stands for Germany

Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer
– OXM stands for Europe

Get Switzerland-specific software for Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 devices
Bring your device to a Sunrise shop; we will take care of updating your software.
For devices acquired from a distributor, the entire process will take about five working days and cost CHF 50.00. This is free of charge for devices you have purchased directly from Sunrise. A replacement device cannot always be provided.

Important: A software change invalidates the device's warranty.

Tip: Because the device is reset to the default settings by the software update, we urgently recommend that you back up all your data and settings on a personal data storage device beforehand.


  • There is no basic monthly fee for the use of Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Wi-Fi Calling calls will be billed as normal calls according to your current subscription.

  • You can find additional information in the fact sheet


  • The same encryption used for calls via mobile networks is also used for Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Data security is also guaranteed when using Wi-Fi Calling at publicly accessible hotspots.

Use abroad

  • You can only use WI-Fi Calling in WLAN networks within Switzerland.

  • Connections outside Switzerland are always made via mobile roaming and billed accordingly.

Call settings

  • Call blocking and forwarding work in exactly the same way as on the Sunrise network.

  • Activation or deactivation can only be done over the mobile network.

Tip: We recommend turning off Wi-Fi Calling when you have good reception, because using Wi-Fi Calling will reduce battery time.

Important:It is not possible to make emergency calls (112, 117, 118, 144, 147, 143, 911) with Wi-Fi Calling. Use the landline network or the mobile network to make emergency calls.

You can tell if you are using Wi-Fi Calling by these symbols on the smartphone display:

Android: In the notification bar of the phone, the symbol for WLAN connections indicates when a WLAN connection has been established and the service is ready.

This symbol shows that Wi-Fi Calling is ready for use. Calls can be made via Wi-Fi Calling.

This symbol shows that Wi-Fi Calling is not ready for use. Make sure your phone is connected to the WLAN and that the Wi-Fi connection is strong enough.

iOS: The notification bar will show "Sunrise Wi-Fi Calling" when Wi-Fi Calling is enabled.

Your Sunrise WLAN
Please follow the instructions for troubleshooting WLAN problems.

Using the WLAN of a different provider (Swisscom, UPC, etc.)
Please contact your Internet provider.

Using public WLAN
Public Wi-Fi-network providers can disable the use of Wi-Fi Calling. This means that you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling.

Company WLANs
Wi-Fi Calling can be disabled in company WLANs. This means that you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling. Check with your IT department to find out if an exception can be made.

More information for the technically advanced

  • When calls are transmitted using Wi-Fi Calling, data is encrypted end-to-end on the basis of the certificate (IPSec standard). You may have to adjust your firewall settings to transmit IPSec data. The UDP ports 4500 and 500 must be open for incoming and outgoing.

  • If you use several WLAN base stations, they must all have the same SSID and password to allow calls to be transfered.

  • The base stations must also have the same IP subnet and the same IP standard gateway. An Internet connection with the same public IP address is necessary if you use NAT with your firewall.

  • When several base stations are used, their coverage must overlap by at least 15-20%.

Other topics

Make sure that you have access to a strong WLAN signal.

  • Stay near your modem for a stronger signal.

  • The number of users and activities (e.g. video streaming) in a network can impact call quality.

Uninterrupted handover between Wi-Fi Calling and mobile cells is only possible when you have LTE reception and use VoLTE.