Sunrise VoLTE - 4G Network voice calling

The Sunrise mobile network is the only one in the world that has always been deemed “outstanding” in the connect network test over the past four years. With VoLTE, you profit even more from the “outstanding” network quality: VoLTE allows you to make phone calls directly via the latest-generation 4G+ Sunrise mobile network using your LTE-capable smartphone.

Your advantages:
  • Faster call setup compared to 3G and 2G

  • Excellent voice quality with  HD Voice

  • Simultaneous calling and surfing

  • enables switching from Wi-Fi Calling to the mobile network and vice versa

  • VoLTE enabled smartpone.

  • Up to date operating system – please update your smartphone software if needed (iPhone: Gettings > General > Software update; Android: Settings > Device Info > Software update)

  • LTE reception – already more than 99% of the population is living in LTE covered areas

  • You can find a step by step explanation in Hardware Support

  • On supported Android Smartphones, VoLTE will be activated automatically

By the way: With your 5G smartphone as well, you can always make phone calls directly via VoLTE.

Activating VoLTE

Instructions on how to activate VoLTE can be found in the instructions for mobile phones and tablets.


VoLTE calls will be billed as normal calls according to your current subscription.