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Discover our award-winning cyber protection products and navigate the digital world securely. Did you know that over 300,000 new online threats emerge daily?
With our tailored solutions, it’s easy to stay protected and enjoy peace of mind against viruses, malware, and ransomware from the dark net.

With Surf Protect, defend your devices at home against malicious websites effortlessly - no installation needed.
Elevate your protection with Sunrise Protect, the all-in-one cyber security app that defends you and your loved ones against all major online threats

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Device & Identity Protect Bundle

Complete Cyber Protection, combining all the features from:

Identity Protect

Device Protect


1 month free trial included


For device security


Safe Browsing & Online Shopping

Banking Protection

Parental Control


1 month free trial included


For digital data safety

ID Monitoring

Breach alerts

Password vault


1 month free trial included

Device & Identity Protect - Differences at a glance

Device & Identity ProtectDevice ProtectIdentity Protect

Protect your devices from viruses, trojans, ransomware, adware, keyloggers, spyware, and other threats using our award-winning technology.

Banking Protection
Automatically secures your connection every time you access online banking or make a payment, ensuring no vulnerabilities.

Browsing Protection
Keep malicious websites at bay with our blocklist feature, safeguarding your security and privacy while browsing.

Parental Controls
Create a safe online environment for your kids with content blocking, screen time monitoring, and digital boundaries.

Online identity monitoring
Our advanced technology and 24/7 dark web scanning detect any compromised personal data, including credit cards, emails, phone numbers, and more.

Breach alerts
Receive expert advice if your personal information is exposed in a data breach or if you're a victim of identity theft, ensuring swift action.

Password manager
Securely store and auto-fill your passwords and credit card details, accessible across devices and operating systems for convenience.

You are new to terms like trojans, ransomware, and keyloggers? Get savvy on online threats with our support page!

One subscription – up to 15 protected devices

Sunrise Protect – your shield in the digital world!

Worry-free shoppping and banking, protection for up to 15 devices & parental control, all in one App

Surf Protect – your first line of defense

Protection against malicious websites

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With us you are covered in every scenario

Frequently asked questions on security

Sunrise protect

  • With Identity Protection you can monitor your credit card number, bank account number (IBAN), social security number, email address, passport number, phone number and driving license number and username/game tag.

  • You can add to 15 of each type of personal information item: up to 15 credit card numbers, up to 15 email addresses, etc.

  1. As a Sunrise customer you can select plans online via My Sunrise or in-store.

  2. Check your email or SMS for the Welcome Email. Use the download link to install the app on your first device (iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS).

  3. Android, Windows, or Mac? Enjoy automatic login. For iOS or other devices, use your My Sunrise credentials.

  4. Add more devices (up to 15!) conveniently from the Sunrise Protect app or via My Sunrise.

The advanced identity theft protection allows you to:

  • Have your data monitored 24/7 across the internet, including in the deep and dark web. Receive immediate notifications of possible online threats and expert guidance to tackle them. Be immediately alerted when a possible online threat appears and get expert guidance on how to tackle them.

  • Create strong and unique passwords, managed under a single secured master password. Enter them automatically and access them on any device and operating system.

Sunrise Protect prevents your financial information and login credentials to your online bank from getting into the wrong hands. Plus, it adds an additional layer of protection when­ever you do your banking or shopping online by establishing a secure connection and checking that the web­site you are using is safe.

Device Protect features, including an award-winning antivirus, protect your devices from unauthorized access, hacking, malware, phishing and other types of cyber-crime.

Of course, you can add up to 15 devices, whether yours or from your close ones.

You just need to go to login into your My Sunrise account and under “Sunrise Protect” you have the option to upgrade from either Identity Protection or Device Protect to Device & Identity Protect.

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