Report a change of address

Processing a relocation is very easy if announced as early as possible, ideally one month before the relocation date. Find out here how to proceed when you’re planning a move in order to ensure uninterrupted service coverage with Sunrise. If you’ve forgotten to report a change of address du to the stress of packing, you can use the mobile hotspot as a temporary solution. This way, Internet is guaranteed, whenever and wherever you need it.

See how easy it is to report your move in My Sunrise:

1. Before you move

We need the following information to activate your internet or landline connection at your new place of residence in good time:

  1. New address

  2. Moving date

  3. Information regarding the connection at the new place of residence

    a) For a DSL connection: We will need the previous tenant's landline number at your new address to switch your service to the correct phone line.

    b) For a fiber optic connection: We need the Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID) of your new residence. Contact your landlord, property management or ask the previous tenant directly.

    c) Cable connection: Is there an active cable connection at the new location? Also check with the previous tenant or the property management.

Note: You can see which of the above connections are available at your new place of residence when you enter your change of address notification in My Sunrise. So log in to My Sunrise today to register your move. Not registered yet? You can register with just a few clicks.

Important information:

  • Connection at the old address: On the desired switching date, the connection at the old address will be deactivated.

  • Landline number: You may certainly keep your phone number when you move. However, if you would like a new phone number (e.g., with your new area code), you can request one via our customer service.

  • Processing fee: The processing fee, which covers the verification and switchover processes, is CHF 99.90 (excluding electrician costs).

2.  During the move

Stay online: You can use your mobile phone as a mobile hotspot and share your subscription data with your laptop or tablet. However, make sure that your subscription includes unlimited mobile data if you plan to make use of this, otherwise additional costs will be incurred.

Note: If you have a Sunrise Internet Box, you can use your mobile phone as a modem to bridge it by connecting it to the modem via a USB cable. Find out more

3. After the move / at the new place of residence