Fiber optic cable outlet (OTO)

Enter the Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID) in My Sunrise

If you have submitted the order without including the Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID), please submit the number via My Sunrise:

What is a fiber optic cable outlet?

  • The fiber optic cable outlet is a telecommunications outlet (= OTO – Optical Termination Outlet) that connects your home to our ultra-fast fiber optic cable network.

  • It has a unique identification number, known as the Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID). The fiber optic cable (patch cable) is plugged into it and thus forms the optical interface between your device and the fiber optic network connection.

  • A fiber optic cable outlet has up to four connections – the numbers 1 to 4 are printed on the bottom of the outlet.

  • During the activation process, we will inform you which ports are used for your products.

How do I find and recognize my fiber optic cable outlet?

If your apartment is already connected to the fiber optic cable network, you will usually also have a fiber optic cable outlet. You can usually find it in your living room or in the hallway.

Examples of different fiber optic cable outlets:

If you can't find your fiber optic cable outlet, please refer to the following guide:

Older buildings

The fiber optic cable outlet is normally mounted at a height of around 20 cm in your living room or hallway. The outlet is usually located next to another standard or copper outlet or a cable connection.

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Newer buildings with multimedia boxes

In newer buildings, the fiber optic cable outlet can usually be found in a multimedia box located in the hallway.

Your fiber optic socket is not labeled with a fiber optic socket number (OTO ID)?

Contact your administration to find out the fiber optic socket number (OTO ID). If your administration cannot assist you, contact us at the number 0800 707 707; we will be happy to help you.

Activation of the fiber optic connection

Switching to fiber optics can take one to three weeks, depending on your situation:

  • If you already have an OTO outlet, we can activate it within about 1 week.

  • If your building already has a fiber optic connection, but no OTO outlet has been put in your apartment yet, it will take about 3 weeks to put in the OTO outlet. After ordering by phone, the installation of the OTO socket is organised by a local supplier in your area. You will then be contacted directly by the installer.

Activation: Step by step

1. In the first instance, we need your OTO ID, which is printed directly on the outlet.
a) During the order process, enter the number in the «OTO ID for fiber optic connection» field.
b) If you have submitted the order without including the Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID), please submit the number via My Sunrise.

2. It generally starts with the letter A or B (occasionally with the letter O or the letters WP) followed by 9 or 10 digits in the following format:

3. If necessary, your property management company or previous tenant can also give you this information.

Structure of the fiber optic cable outlet

  1. Fiber Socket Number (OTO ID)

  2. Ports 1-4

  3. Port for the fiber optic cable (patch cable)

How do I order a fiber optic connection if I don't have one yet?

Some households with connections do not yet have a fiber optic cable outlet, in which case it will need to be installed first.

If this is the case in your home, please call the customer service department. A technician/electrician will install the fiber optic cable outlet.

Switching to fiber optics can take 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your situation. However, your existing connection will not be turned off until 14 days after the switch to fiber optics, so that your network services are not interrupted as a result of the switch.

How do I connect the modem?

Please select your device to get the installation instructions: