Sunrise Buyback

Save money and resources by selling your old device when you buy a new one.

How Sunrise Buyback works

Sunrise Buyback is available to all existing Sunrise customers as well as new customers. You can sell your old mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches and use the buyback value as a discount or higher upfront payment when you buy a new device from Sunrise.

For existing Sunrise customers, a stand-alone buyback without purchasing a new device is also possible in all Sunrise shops:

Approved devices

Any mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch purchased in Switzerland can be sold via Sunrise Buyback, regardless of where you purchased it. However, there are exceptions:

  • Only devices rated «Perfect», «Good» or «Damaged» can be sold in Sunrise shops, via Telesales and on

  • Devices rated «Broken» can be returned to Sunrise shops to be recycled.

Device ratings


The device is in good-as-new condition. No visible signs of wear.


The device has a few, very slight signs of wear. Light scratches on the screen and dents on the corners and edges of the case are acceptable.


The device has clear signs of wear. Significant scratches, scrapes, dents or cracked display glass are allowed. The display and touchscreen work perfectly.


The device has severe physical damage or the «Find My» or «Find My Device» service is active. The device may not work properly or at all.


Sunrise Buyback instead of recycling

Use Sunrise Buyback to sell your second-hand smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.
Head over to our Sunrise Buyback page, to calculate the value of your device and get instructions on how to return your phone to get a credit!

How the process works

Sunrise offers two different options. You can return your old device at a Sunrise shop when you get your new device, or you can send in your old device by post within 14 days of receiving your new device.

Buyback process in a Sunrise shop

  • You return your device directly in the shop when you purchase your new device.

  • The calculated buyback value is final.

  • In the Sunrise shop, you have the option of transferring your data to a new device for a small additional charge.

Buyback process on, via Telesales or in a Sunrise shop when you send in the old device

  • You or the Sunrise advisor will classify the old device during the sales process.

  • Sunrise will immediately give you the buyback value of the old device as a discount on your new device. Please note, however, that this buyback value is provisional.

  • Once you’ve received your new device, return your old device in the enclosed return packaging within 14 days.

  • Once received, Sunrise will send you an SMS and e-mail to let you know the final buyback value for your old device. If your valuation differs from our valuation, we’ll make you a counter-offer that you can accept or reject. If you’re not happy with our new offer, we’ll return the device to you free of charge.

Final buyback value

If the final value matches the provisionally calculated value, Sunrise will confirm the final value for you.

If the final value is higher than the provisionally calculated value, Sunrise will credit the difference to your customer account on your next monthly bill. This amount will be credited to your account within a maximum of two months and will be used to pay your monthly bill.

If the final value is lower than the provisionally calculated value, Sunrise will make you a new, lower offer for your device. You can accept this or reject this offer. If you reject the new offer, Sunrise will return the device to you free of charge. Since the provisional value has already been granted as a discount on your new device, the following will happen:

  • If you accept the offer, the difference will be charged on your next monthly bill.

  • If you reject the offer and we return the device, the full buyback value will be charged on your next monthly bill.


All notifications regarding the final buyback value will be sent by SMS and e-mail. You can track the return process in My Sunrise.

Other topics

You registered for the Buyback program and would like to return your old device, but you don't have your Return Box anymore?

Click on this link to create a new return slip. Print out the new return slip and label and send the old device back to us for free.

  1. Tap and swipe on various parts of the screen, including the edges and corners. Check whether the device responds correctly and quickly.

  2. In particular, pay close attention to the areas near cracks or damaged spots on the display and check whether the touchscreen is working normally.

If the touchscreen still works properly across the entire screen despite the display glass being cracked, your device will be classified as «Damaged».

When you send in the old device, the provisional buyback value will be applied as an immediate discount on your new device.

If you return the old device to a shop when you purchase your new device, the buyback value is final and will be used as a down payment for your new device.

Alternatively, the buyback value can also be used as a credit on your account. In this case, the amount will be credited to your account within no more than two months. If your monthly fees are lower than your credit balance, it will be spread out over several months.

The buyback value will not be paid out in cash.

You need to delete all the data on your devices and restore the devices to the factory settings before you trade them in. Our partner will also delete all the data on the devices as a first refurbishment or recycling step. If this isn’t possible, the memory chip will be physically destroyed. Sunrise isn’t responsible or liable for any data that hasn’t been deleted properly.

Here, you’ll find instructions on how to restore the most common mobile phones and tablets to their factory settings.

  • You must deactivate the location services on your devices before you return them. If the «Find My» service is active on iOS devices or the «Find My Device» service is active on Android devices, Sunrise must return your device.

  • If you send in a device that doesn’t match the device you registered for Buyback, the device will be returned to you.



Make sure that you send the correct device to avoid any inconvenience. You can call *#06# on your device to receive the IMEI (serial number). You can then enter the displayed 15-digit IMEI on to find out the brand and model of your device.


Please note

If a device needs to be returned to you, Sunrise will bill you for any buyback discount that’s already been applied to your new device.

Your data is in safe hands with us. As soon as we’ve received your device, we’ll make sure that all your personal data is professionally deleted and can no longer be restored.

Once an experienced technician has given your device a professional technical and visual inspection, your device will be cleaned, refurbished, and if necessary, repaired with original parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

After professional refurbishment, the buyback devices will be resold with a warranty of up to 24 months. This is how we make sure that your device is given the longest possible second life.

If the submitted device is defective and can’t be refurbished, we’ll dispose of it properly to make sure that the valuable resources it contains are recycled and returned to the material cycle.