Mobile devices

If you have old phones or tablets you want to get rid of, you can either check if we offer a buyback to you or hand them over to any electronics store near you.

If you're mobile device is broken and you want us to repair it, follow the steps below. 

How do I return my mobile device for repair?

If you have purchased your mobile device (either a phone or a tablet) from us and wish to return it for repair, please complete this form and enclose it with the package to be returned.

How do I check for a buyback?

Head over to our Sunrise Buyback page, to calculate the value of your device and get instructions on how to return your phone to get a credit!

How do I dispose my mobile device?

Any store that sells electronic devices is required to take your old devices and send them to recycling. Just take it with you and hand it over to them. No fees will arise. If you are unsure what store is located closest to your home, you can find it here.