Smart S Pen with remote control

Create animated, hand-written messages with all the ease of natural writing. You can now translate texts, and process photos and forms, more easily and enjoyably than ever before. As a new feature, you can operate your Note 9 with the S Pen via Bluetooth as well. So you can just start the camera and shoot a selfie, or click your way through a presentation, which will be instantly relayed from your Note 9 to a screen.

Ultimate performance

With its super-speedy processor, download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbit/s and a memory of up to 1 TB (internal storage + SD card), the Note 9 is equipped to meet the most demanding requirements. The long-life 4000 mAh battery holds enough charge for you to enjoy a film on the big display screen in Dolby Atmos.

DeX mode - the PC when you are on the move

With Samsung DeX, you can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse by way of an HDMI dongle adaptor or DeX station, and so enjoy an authentic desktop experience through your phone. This way you can convert any location into your workplace.

Smart camera

Thanks to its twofold aperture, the dual camera takes perfectly balanced pictures both in bright daylight and in the dark of night. Smart detection of the scenery means that colour shades are even further optimised. If, when you are shooting a portrait, someone has their eyes closed, the camera flags it up.