What is the HTC Hub?
The HTC Hub is a first-of-its-kind innovative new mobile smart hub that harnesses 5G speeds for home, business, and on the go in a compact and portable design.

This is a first-of-its-kind device enables smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming, and 5G mobile hotspot features for up to 20 users. As a home media centre, the HTC Hub uses next-gen 5G speeds to stream 4K videos to a second screen and deliver crisp and clear content. It can also replace a Wi-Fi router and remove unnecessary cables with an easy to use plug-and-play setup.

Also designed for high-speed mobility use with the next-generation business environment in mind. This product supports the powerful Wi-Fi capabilities offered on the Snapdragon 855 Platform by including the Qualcomm® 60GHz Wi-Fi chipset for multi-gigabit speeds and the Qualcomm® 2x2 Wi-Fi 6-ready chipset for next generation capacity, efficiency, and performance at range.

The HTC Hub is also designed for high-speed mobility use for the next-generation business, with built-in ethernet capability, the device provides fast and convenient access to networks, and allows up to 20 devices to connect safely and securely


  • Cardslot

    Nano SIM

  • Weight

    340 g

  • Operating system


  • Display resolution

    720 x 1280

  • Display size


  • Size

    129 x 100 x 43 mm