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Integrity in corporate environments

Sunrise is committed to operating its business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner and in accordance with highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, believing that this is not only essential to Sunrise’s brand and reputation but also helps ensuring the long-term overall success of Sunrise and its stakeholders and creates a long-term positive impact for clients, employees, investors and the society at large.

To run its business, Sunrise engages vendors, consultants, contractors, temporary workers and other third-party individuals or firms that provide various products and services to Sunrise (collectively, “Vendors” and/or “Vendor”). Vendors are seen as business partners of Sunrise and are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of business conduct, integrity and adherence to the law. This framework is summarized in the Sunrise Vendor Code of Conduct which outlines the standards regarding Business Integrity and Ethics, Labor Standards and Non-Discrimination, Environment, Data Handling and Governance that Sunrise expects its Vendors to comply with. To advance social and environmental responsibility, the Vendor Code may require Vendors to go beyond compliance with locally applicable laws and regulations.

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