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  • Sunrise account information
    Post account: 87-68680-5
    IBAN: CH64 0900 0000 8706 8680 5
    Clearing no.: 9000
    Account holder: Sunrise UPC LLC, PO Box, 8050 Zurich

    Important: We recommend paying via bank transfer, because a fee of CHF 5.00 will be charged if you pay with a red payment form, even if you pay online. Also always provide your customer number, bill number, or mobile phone number.
  • You can find the information on your payment form in My Sunrise. You can use this to pay via e-banking.

    Tip: In My Sunrise , you can view your last six bills, download them as PDF files, or request a copy of the bill in the mail 24/7. Here, you can also pay your bill directly online, and find an overview of unpaid amounts, payment details, and the billing assistant.
  • Normally
    a bill will only be sent when you have reached a certain predetermined minimum amount. If your bill is below this specified minimum amount, your next bill will contain all billing periods since the last bill (up to four months).

    Bill via e-mail
    Please check your spam folder. Although this rarely occurs, with some e-mail providers the bill sometimes ends up in this folder.
    Always make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date in My Sunrise.

    Bill by post
    Always keep your mailing address up-to-date in My Sunrise.

  • If you receive a bill from Sunrise after cancellation, this will be the final bill. It will show the charges for usage in the last month and refunds of any basic fees paid in advance.

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  • Sunrise account information for payments from abroad

    UBS AG
    P.O. Box 450
    8098 Zurich

    IBAN: CH77 0023 0230 2462 6501 R
    Swift code:  UBSWCHZH80A
    Clearing no.: 230
    Account no.: 246265.01R
    Holder: Sunrise Communications AG; PO Box, 8050 Zurich

  • Our bills are always generated on the first of the month. A credit/discount will therefore first appear on the bill the following month.

  • Prepaid monthly fees are credited to the next bill on a pro rata basis, and based on the date of deactivation.

  • Subscription fees charged in advance are credited to the next bill or the final bill on a pro rata basis.

  • Individual discounts can accumulate up to a maximum of 100% of the basic fee. If the cumulative value exceeds 100%, you will be given a discount of 100%.

  • You can find the total amount of your Sunrise Advantage on the first page of your bill; the detailed breakdown is shown on the next page.

  • You will receive the first bill during the month after activation. The monthly subscription fee is billed on a pro rata basis for the activation month (activation date until the end of the month) and for the entire current month.

  • This is the number for the Sunrise message center. You will always see this number on your bill when you send a text message while abroad.

  • Near the border, there can be stronger antennas in other countries that result in unintended roaming connections. In order to avoid this, you can use the manual network selection or block roaming in My Sunrise.

  • If mobile Internet is enabled on your mobile phone, your phone may automatically connect to the Internet when you are unaware of it. In order to avoid this in the future, block data connections abroad in My Sunrise.

  • Special items on the bill and their meaning

    • VOD  is the abbreviation for "Video on Demand". If you purchase films or series through your TV menu, you will be charged and this charge will be shown on your Sunrise bill.
    • If your total bill is a negative amount, the credit will be carried over to your next bill. This will be marked as "Carryover from the last bill" and subtracted from the total amount of your new bill.
    • The "Ships and Airplanes" position shows connections via satellite, for example, on airplanes and cruise ships.
      Satellite connections are not included in any of the subscriptions or options, but are subject to special, more expensive rates. Rate information for "Sea & Air" connections can be found here .

      The display may show the name of a normal mobile phone service provider (e.g., Vodafone Malta), even when calls are being made via satellite. We recommend that you get information on the availability of mobile networks and Wi-Fi on your cruise ship or plane before you travel.

      In order to prevent high costs, these connections are blocked by default. You can unblock them in My Sunrise .
    • The "Hardware Upgrade" fee is charged when you exchange a WLAN modem or a TV Box for a newer device.
  • In My Sunrise you can view your last twelve bills, download them as PDF files, or request a copy of the bill in the mail 24/7.

    Here you can also pay your bill directly online, and you can find an overview of unpaid sums, payment details, and the billing assistant.

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