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People attraction, development and retention

  • The Sunrise goal is to achieve an engagement score of ≥ 8.2 points (of possible 10 points) by 2025, which corresponds to the top 25% of its peers. The Engagement Score is measured twice a year as part of an employee survey.

  • Sunrise strives to achieve ≥ 7.9 points (of possible 10 points) in 2024 with regard to the statement “I feel that I’m growing professionally” which corresponds to the top 25% of its peers. The question is part of an employee survey and an indicator of employee development.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Sunrise aims to achieve a share of women in leadership roles of at least 25% by 2030 (base year 2023: 16.9%).

  • The goal of Sunrise is to achieve an Inclusion Score average of ≥78% by 2025 (base year 2022: 75%). This value is aggregated of four values of the annual DE&I survey: Fairness, Acceptance, Belonging and Safety.

  • Sunrise is committed to maintaining Gender Equal Pay which means a pay difference that is statistically smaller than 2.5% (the tolerance threshold set by the government is 5%) which confirms the adherence to the Fair-ON-Pay Advanced certification.

Health, safety and well-being

  • Sunrise aims to maintain the sickness rate below 4%, which is equivalent to a reduction compared to previous years.